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Northamptonshire Locksmiths offer a wide variety of uPVC door repair services from multipoint locking system repairs and replacements to door adjustments. All of our Locksmiths are trained uPVC door specialists and with years of experience have seen all of the problems that you may come across with a uPVC door and they know how to overcome these issues. Having uPVC doors will at some point require a visit from a uPVC specialist as these doors are susceptible to faults in their design. The most obvious fault would be with the locking mechanism itself but you could also experience problems with door alignment that can sometimes be caused with temperature changes throughout the year. Whatever the problem may be our uPVC door specialist can get your door back into working order again.

Failed multipoint locking mechanism

A common problem with these doors is the multipoint locking mechanism failing, this can also cause you to become locked out or even locked inside your property as they seize up and will not open. Northamptonshire locksmiths highly trained specialists know exactly what to do in such a situation to get your door back into service once again.
Winter months can play havoc with these locking systems causing them to freeze up or even causing vital parts inside the gearbox to crack and fail. As our locksmiths are on standby 24/7 it doesn’t matter when this problem occurs for you we can get it fixed as soon as possible!

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uPVC Door repair services by Northamptonshire Locksmiths

  • uPVC door cylinders
    You may need to replace your cylinders on your door for various different reasons such as lost or stolen keys, whatever the reason our fully stocked vans will have the correct cylinder to fit your door.
  • uPVC door locking mechanism repairs
    The locking mechanism is the most important part of the locking system, also know as a full mech this is the part that you can see on the side of the door when the door is open. There are thousands of different mechanisms available at also lost out there that have been discontinued, whatever the situation we can source and fit the correct locking mechanism for your door.
  • uPVC door gearbox
    The gearbox is the centre section of the locking mechanism and is the most common part to fail on these locking systems, this is because it is this part that takes the most abuse from the handles being lifted, we carry a range of different gearboxes on our vans to be able to replace these parts and get the door working again.
  • uPVC door addition security
    If you require addition security on your uPVC door then we can advise you on the best products that will increase the security of your door and also fit them to a professional standard to maximise the effectiveness of the additional security products.
  • uPVC door handles
    After time Upvc door handles can come worn and loose their looks , sometimes the handles will become loose and floppy, this means its time to replace them to keep you door as reliable as possible, with there being hundreds of different sizes of handles our experts will find the correct fitment for you door.
  • uPVC door adjustments
    Over time upvc doors will loose their original setting, this is through general use and the weight of the door itself. Northamptonshire locksmiths uPVC door specialists are able to restore your doors original settings to keep everything aligned how it should be.

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